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 First above all else, this is our Heavenly Father’s Business.  We are just mere stewards of His goodness.  We are not just here to feed the needy and read a few scriptures.  We are here for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ that live in Mexico.  We all share the same inheritance that we have in Christ.  We are here to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of our Brothers and Sisters who live in Mexico.  We are seeking to build up and disciple to those in Mexico, so they may stand and reach out to areas that we cannot.  That they may do Greater things than we could ever do.  This Mission Work is established by God, and He is placing His people in position to fulfill His will in this area.  We are placing our seed into this fertile ground, and it will bear much fruit.  The fertile ground is to those who live in Mexico and have a heart for God.  Even with very little, they are reaching the community with what little they do have.  Showing the true essence what Christians ought to be.  We are taking a stand with them and with our support, doing our part in the Kingdom of God.

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Jose Alvarado is the Missionary who has taken charge in leading this ministry of supporting Brenda Galvan.  She is the Lead Minister there who is ministering the Word to the people, the organizer of the Feeding Center, and she our hands and ears on the ground in Mexico.

Our goal is win souls to Jesus, to disciple Future Pastors and Churches,  and also established an Orphanage for the Widows, the Children, and the Elderly.


If the Lord has placed in your Heart to be a part of this ministry, please get in contact with Jose Alvarado (832) 766-1044

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